the Yalikavak windmill near the harbour
Yalikavak impresses with its combination of alluring traditional charm and a sense of recognition.of the importance of contemporary comforts desired by today's discerning visitor. This is what makes Yalikavak attractive to those who care for both, the old and the new.

The town is neat and tidy, and many aging buildings have undergone sensitive restoration and conversion to modern use, one being an old water cistern converted to a gallery displaying the works of well-known local and national painters. Another is a disused olive oil processing plant which has been refurbished and turned into an attractive souvenir shop.

map of Bodrum peninsula  

where is Yalikavak?

Active civic groups work in concert with the municipality to promote the town and the same time to protect it from depredation by the unscrupulous, so far achieving very positive results: the enviroment is cared for, services are timely and the hotels and restaurants are among the best in the region.
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