peaceful in summer and winter - Ortakent beach
Ortakent and Yahsi
is a tranquil place of pristine beauty which offers total relaxation and enjoyment of the sun and the sea.

lt has the longest stretch of sandy beach on the peninsula, so clean orderly that it was awarded the courted Blue Flag, and it is the leading venue of the region where one can experience the unaffected local way of life.

Located to the west of Bodrum, the village is on a rich and fertile plain
map of Bodrum peninsula  

where is Ortakent?

and the citrus gardens extend down to the sea. In 1999 it has achieved the status of a municipality. Ortakent is one of the oldest continuously settled areas on the peninsula which is famous for the attractive 17th century 'tower houses' unique to the area. These tower houses were built for defensive purposes especially to protect themselves from the dangers coming from the sea. The oldest house is the Mustafa Pasa tower house built in 1601. Built over the rocks, it has three floors,
Ortahent house  

it did not have any windows at the lower floors.
Touristic establishments you will find a lot in the area and the beach offers a variety of restaurants.
Climbing over a small hill on the west of the beach you reach Kargi cove, a quieter and sandier beach than Ortakent/Yahsi. The daily boat trips stop here for a swim and lunch.
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