Carpet weaving in Mumcular
is a small town located 29 kilometers north of Bodrum. With its outlying villages it has a population of about 15000 and since 1972 the status of a municipality. The region is famous for its production of honey, tobacco and olives.

A few years ago all the villages in this area decided to concentrate on rug production and it is now renowned for its carpets. The shearing of sheep, the spinning and colouring of wool and weaving of the final products are all done by local women and girls. There is virtually no house where females aged from 7 to 70 are not in some way involved in the production of carpets.
map of Bodrum peninsula  

where is Mumcular?

Tours from Bodrum arrive once or twice a week in Mumcular and its villages to see the art of carpet weaving and the village way of life.
Whole hillsides are seen to be covered with carpets making a wonderful subject for photographs. The tours, designed primarily to promote sales, include a demonstration of the women spinning and weaving plus a lunch cooked and served by young local girls.
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