view over Gümbet bay
Gümbet Only 2-3 km away from Bodrum this place recently became almost a resort unto itself and features one of the longest and most popular beaches on the peninsula. Gümbet (named after Kümbet - these white domed cisterns in this area)
The long sandy beach is undoubtedly a great attraction, but it's the combination of the sea, sun, sand and fun that makes Gümbet so popular. Because the beach is within an easy walk from most hotels and the central area, Gümbet is also a favourite with many families with children. It's a place for the young and young at the heart.

map of Bodrum peninsula  

where is Gumbet?

Gümbet's nightlife has come to rival that of Bodrum, but only if you're after cheap drinks! Gümbet is especially popular with younger tourists, the British, Dutch and Scandinavians, then Germans.
Gümbet is also one of the most popular water sports centers with water-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, etc. available.
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