Gölköy and Türkbükü have a new name: Göltürkbükü
Göltürkbükü The formerly two fishing hamlets, Gölköy and Türkbükü, came together 2 years ago for a new municipality.
Situated 18 km North of Bodrum. Pine forests shade the last 7 km of the road to these villages and then you pass olive trees and tangerine groves. Facing the sea and surrounded by the mountains, GölTürkbükü region is dotted by ancient sites. There are caves and tombstones in the vicinity of the town. Since the rise
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of tourism however, GölTürkbükü has become home to a very intellectual group of people; journalists, men of literature and fine arts who have built desirable homes to get away from the cities.
Houses, cafes and restaurants are built so close to the shoreline that you have the impression of being on a boat deck.

It is the perfect place to spend your summer holidays. There are few hotels and pensions you could accommodate. Restaurants have jetties to offer delicious fishing dishes at night time and swimming possibilities during the day time.
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