Bitez beachfront
Bitez is perhaps the most peaceful beach, situated just 6 km. to Bodrum, but easy accessible by Dolmus, the frequent minibus service. Newly granted the status of a municipality and the progressive work of the new mayor in this spot can be admired. Along the beachfront a perfect beach promenade with a number of hotels and restaurants. The shallow bay is popular for a family holiday with children. According to the experts - Bitez Bay is a prime location for windsurfing and dinghy sailing.

map of Bodrum peninsula  

where is Bitez?

Beyond the beach, reached by dry riverbeds, lie hundreds of acres of private agricultural land, with its extensive tangerine orchards Bitez is still one of the greenest localities of the peninsula. Country walks along shaded paths through fragrant citrus orchards are also popular, and visitors can expect a warm welcome in the village tea houses.
Bitez also has an own website
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