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Bodrum Underwater Museum
The secrets of the Aegean are found in shipwrecks

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In einem typischen Lokanta

"lokantas" are eating places specialized in quite inexpensive regional Turkish food. Try them too.


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Times are over when you had to search in Bodrum for a nice place to wine and dine. Here are some places we tried ourself

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is aptly located inside the medieval stone walls of the landmark Castle of St Peter in the centre of Bodrum. The museum features myriad artefacts salvaged from the bottom of the Aegean and Mediterranean, many of which visitors can touch and feel.
Begin your tour in the middle courtyard of the Castle with the vast mulberry tree offering ample shade. To the left you can visit the section allocated to amphorae dating from the Bronze Age to more recent Byzantine samples. To the right, what was once a chapel now houses an exact 1:1 scale replica of a Byzantine wreck dating back to the 7th century BC of a ship found off Yassiada between Turgutreis and the Greek Island of Pserimo. The original ship was carrying the largest collection of 7th century ceramics ever found, including the earliest known samples of Byzantine glazed pottery. A set of Byzantine weights, net needles for mending fishing nets as weil as lead sinkers indicate that the crew fished for food while sailing southward from the Black Sea or Constantinople.
In the upper courtyard, there are two showrooms with marvellous examples of glass from 14th BC to 11th AD, most of which were found in the shipwrecks near Yassiada, Serçe and Uluburun.
The Serçe Liman shipwreck is an authentic reconstruction of the wooden remains of an 1V" century ship mea-suring 16 metres long with a capacity of 35 tonnes. In addition to the glassware displayed, diverse items were found on this wreck ineluding wooden chess pieces and a personal grooming kit.
Ser9e Harbour, opposite Rhodes, is a small, well-protected inlet to the Northeast of Bozukkale (Loryma), between Marmaris and Bodrum. Ships that found shelter in this natural harbour most probably faced sudden winds channelled from different directions. The wreck of an 11th century ship with a cargo
of Islamic glass is an example of the earliest dated vessel built in the modern frame-first manner. Although much of the cargo carried on this ship was Islamic, most of the crew and merchants on board were Christians as revealed by
Byzantine aeals with Christian scenes such as ,the Virgin Mary with Christ.
The he upper courtyard, where the
English Tower is located, is home to the
Bronce age shipwreck of Uluburun.
What makes this reconstruction so
interesting is the realistic manner in which it is displayed under sail in its entirety, with a cutaway view of the ship's crew and cargo.
The shipwrecks in the museum take their names from the regions where they were found. The Gelidonya wreck is thought to have been a merchant vessel that ripped its bottom open on a pinnacle ofrock near the surface ofthe sea around the western extremity ofAntalya Bay. In 1959 a sponge diver, Kemal Aras, from Bodrum, and journalist Peter Throck-morton examined die wreck and its con-centration ofeopper ingot cargo, and die subsequent exeavation in 1960 brought forth a largely intact underwater late Bronze Age archaeological discovery. Research on the shipwreck revealed that the ship was of Near Eastern origin.
The Uluburun shipwreck, discovered southeast of Kas, revealed a unique cargo throughout eleven summers of excavation. The cargo was ten tons of Cypriot copper ingots, die earliest known intact glass ingots, bgs of ebony and cedar, Cypriot and Near Fast terebinth resin, ivory, ostrich eggshells, amphorae and bronze weapons. Included among the many precious artefacts were gold jewellery, a fascinating gold scarab of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, a bronze figurine partly decorated with gold, various ivory figurines and objects, die smallest of die animal shaped weights, and the oldest book. The nationality of the ship is unknown but die eollection of seals show that some Near Eastern rulers were sending gifts to Egyptian and Aegean rulers. and the 24 stone anchors are of a type found off die coast of present day Israel.
The combined efforts of local Bodrum sponge divers, the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and die director and personnel of the Museum have created and continually support the ongoing efforts to preserve and present the past treasures of the deep.

Sünger Pizza
Cheap and cheerful - opposite the marina. Best Pizza and meeting point of the town. It is always crowded with locals and the sailing crowd. If you venture on to the roof terrace there are tremendous views over the Harbour towards the castle. The personality of the place reflects the local well-known owner. Try 'Çökertme' thin sliced meat on a layer of fine grated chips with yoghurt.

Balik Express
Balik ExpressJust recently opened in the OASIS center, this kind of dishes was missed since a long time. Next to the cinema you will find all famous Turkish dishes made with the shimmering "hamsi", a small fish similar to anchovy, freshly delivered every second day from the Blacksea. There are at least forty different dishes made with hamsi! Many poems, anecdotes and folk dances are inspired by this delicious fish. Tel. 3170378

Sandal Thai & Chinese
     A restaurant that does justice to Oriental cuisine is SANDAL which serves excellent Thai and Chinese dishes at very reasonable prices. To eat there is a rare pleasure and the only problem you may face is deciding on a choice from their extensive menu. All the dishes that we tasted were
excellent. SANDAL is on Atatürk Street, a short walk east from the middle of town. - this is one of oldest quality restaurants in Bodrum. Run by Mustafa and his Thai wife (the genius behind the superb dishes) since more then 12 years. The authentic decoration makes you feel in one of these restaurants on the coast in Thailand. Tel 316 9117

     Located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of central Bodrum Ibo is a traditional Turkish restaurant set in the midst of the vines giving essential shade. Traditional Turkish musicians play their trade in the small restaurant. There are a variety of foods on offer from simple Turkish dishes to basic western food. Pricing is medium range.

For those who want to venture a little further from Bodrum we recommend:
A sunken city and harbour from ancient times, coupled with a fishing village, interesting walk across the sunken city wall to Rabbit island provides a superb back drop for the restaurants that line the harbour. A true delight is watching the sun slowly sinking into the Aegean sea on a warm summers evening. The restaurants serve traditional food with particular emphasis on Fish freshly caught.
The quieter resorts much favoured by the wealthy from Istanbul include this lovely village where the restaurants nestle along the side of the Aegean, and the experience is enhanced by the restaurants actually spilling out onto the water.

Please note that all sea food prices should be negotiated when you order to avoid unexpectedly high bills!

if you have any suggestions or experiences, please drop us a note
Denizhan - typical Turkish kitchen

Denizhan Et Lokantsi between Konacik and Ortakent
Arsipel - Aktur

Arsipel - superb setting in Aktur
Epsilon in a romantic garden

Epsilon - in a romantic garden.

important: negotiate in Gümüslük
A summer evening inTürkbükü

All restaurants on the seeside of Türkbükü have their tables on Pontons

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SANDAL Thai - Chinese in Bodrum

Authentic decoration - Sandal Thai

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